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The capital city of the Free State of Thuringia is with its 200,000 inhabitants simultaneous the lagest city in Thuringia and about 100 km away from Leipzig. Erfurt has got a 3 square kilometer old town center that is one of the largest and best conserved towns in Germany. A majority of the original frame houses and curches are still standing today. Aside from this, Erfurt has an active music scene where there are concerts held every weekend. A great example are the jazz concerts held every week at the "Fischmarkt".

Main tourist attractions are definitely the cathedral, which was built back in the 8th century. The "Petersberg" (peters hill) with the "Peterberger Zitadelle" (Citadel) are also open to tourists. These two structures are apart of only a few baroque city fortresses still in good condition in europe. The "Krämerbücke" (Grocer-bridge) is Europe's longest complete and inhabited building covered bridge at 120 m. Before you try to sleep under the bridge though, you should check out the nice, private and affordable accommodations in Erfurt at the accommodation service Erfurt on

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Erfurt sightseeing

Historic City Center
With 3 square kilometers the historic city center of Erfurt it is one of the largest and best conserved ones in Germany. It is subdivided by the city defenses of the 10th and 14th century which are partly visible even today.
Erfurt Dome
The Erfurt Dome has its origins in the 8th century. The long time residence of the collegiate church St. Marien was promoted to cathedral of the newly created diocese of Erfurt in1994.
Krämerbrücke (grocers' bridge)
With its inhabited buildings on both sides along the whole length of the bridge, the 120 meter long bridge is unique north of the alps. Today the 32 buildings are mostly used by shops of craftwork and antiques.
Citadel Petersberg
The citadel, which was constructed in the 17th century in the "new Italian" style had various functions. First used as stronghold against the city itself, it later became a northern fortress against the protestant forces. For a short time it was occupied by the French and Prussian.
The central place in downtown, between Dome and Anger, where the Townhall is located.

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